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Posted on Mar 2, 2016 in Local | 1 comment

Welcome to Beer Goes With Everything

Hello world! We would like to welcome you to our blog about the celebration of beer.  You can expect posts on anything and everything; especially food, life, sports, pop culture, current events, etc. and how they all involve beer. Because who doesn’t want to relate most of our daily doings to beer?!


My wife and I were both and raised in Northeast Ohio and met at the world’s best college (Miami University), so you can expect that bias to shine through the majority of the posts (translation: nothing positive will be said about the Pittsburgh Steelers or their ilk).  I love to cook, so some simple recipes and beer pairings/reviews may weave their way in here as well. With spring arriving along with grilling season here in the midwest (isn’t it always grilling season?), you can expect some of that goodness sooner than later.

Having two small children doesn’t allow us too much time in the kitchen, so the majority of our meals are simple and quick. If it were up to our youngins’, we would only consume chicken nuggets and ketchup for every meal. However, the tiny dictators don’t make the menus so luckily we have a little more variety. And the beer consumption and pairings are a parent-only perk to the meals.

I am also a diehard Cleveland fan, so expect a rant on one of our teams from time to time as well. I can’t help myself. My wife may chime in with some posts too. All in all, I hope you enjoy what we have to write and feel free to drop a comment or two about your favorite beer. After all, beer goes with everything!

See you again soon,

1 Comment

  1. Hi Ray and Katie, I’m not a fan of beer. I think the last full beer I probably had was in 1979 and it was a Little Kings! (hahaha) I’m assuming by your posts that that is not considered beer..but, I am enjoying this blog! Uncle Tom and my Children Love beer so at least now I can understand what they are talking about. Thanks for the insight! Drink On!!!